2 in 1 week!

Friday, May 30, 2008

I don't think my CKMB friends know just how much they have cheered me up this week! I got two puzzle pieces - one from Latrice (Scrap Addict 13) and one from Joscie (AKA Joscie!). I have met Latrice twice - the first time we met at IKEA and did some power shopping. Leea, Latrice and I had lots of fun shopping and giving the man who worked there a hard time when he took our picture. hehe The last time I saw Latrice was at CKC in St. Louis. We had dinner together with a couple of other CKMB girls (Christie & Nikki), which was lots of fun. I found out AFTER I met Latrice that her DH is from a town only 14 miles from where I live. Its a small world, huh? She is such a sweet and fun girl and loves scrapbooking as much as I do. I hope her scrapbook wishes come true - I know she would love for it to become a profession for her. That would be so cool to make money at something you love. My other piece came all the way from Hawaii, which is where Joscie lives. I can't imagine how exciting it would be to live in Hawaii and to be able to experience it every single day of your life. I hope to visit Hawaii some day - though the long plane ride across the ocean does scare me a bit! I have never met Joscie, but would love to someday! She has such talent and is so creative. I love seeing all the things she posts on CKMB and on her blog - her ideas are so fun! I just love these puzzle pieces - aren't they the cutest?!? Latrice's piece has 3 things I love - bling, pink/yellow color combo, and flowers! Plus the "Girlfriends" on the front is pretty special too! Joscie's piece is also one of my favorite colors - brown! I always feel funny saying that is one of my favorite colors - but it really is. Don't you love the little yellow flowers with the sparkly centers? And that adorable Pop Culture flower border? And best of all - I have my very own "flat Joscie". LOL These pieces have really cheered me up lately. I have been pretty stressed worrying about my DD's upcoming surgery and tests, and also the fact that I may be job-less in a few weeks. We went to Chicago last week for a second opinion for my DD and are going to have the surgery there at Children's Memorial Hospital. She was diagnosed with yet another problem last week -tethered cord. I am not sure when the surgery will be but I am guessing pretty quickly. We go next week for tests and to see a second surgeon who will help the first one we saw last week. I feel she is in good hands and with the surgeons and God's help, she will be in good health soon. Any and all prayers would be greatly appreciated!


scrapyak said...

You and your family are in my prayers, please keep me informed. And if there is anything i can do please yet me know. I know we live many miles away from each other but, if you just need to talk let me know. You can PM me and i'll give you my #! God be with you and your loved ones!

OH, and i love all the puzzle pc., can't wait to see it all put together! -Nikki