What a week!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I haven't blogged in a while - sorry about that! Its been kind of crazy lately! Last week we were in Chicago for 3 days - one day was spent doing blood tests, urodynamics and seeing a physical therapist. The next day was spent doing 3 MRI's, and then the final day we saw a second surgeon in on my daughter's case. They originally planned to do the surgery in July or August, which was the soonest they could get her in. Yesterday, as I was leaving work, I checked my voicemail on my phone and there were two from Dr. Bowman, one of the surgeons. She had a window of opportunity to do the surgery on this Wednesday, so last night we took off for Chicago and she was admitted this morning. The surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning. It is probably a good thing that this all happened so suddenly, as I tend to worry WAY more than necessary about things, as anyone who knows me well will verify! LOL If you all would be so kind as to say a prayer for us I would really appreciate it. I have confidence in the two surgeons, but a few extra prayers sure couldn't hurt!

On a different note, a new puzzle piece arrived last week from Leea! I wish I had my camera with me so I could post a picture of it, but I will post it next week sometime once I return home! Leea and I went shopping a couple of times for scrappy stuff - she is so sweet! We met on CKMB and found out we live only 2 hours from each other, and since shopping for scrap supplies is as much fun as using scrap supplies, we decided to go on a shopping spree up north. We hit up IKEA, Archivers, JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels, Hobby Lobby . . . and probably some other places i can't remember right now! Shopping is limited where Leea and I live, so we had a blast buying scrappy stuff.

I hope you all have a great Tuesday and I will keep you posted on whats going on up here in Chicago! Talk to you soon! Steph