Welcome to 2012!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hi, all! I know its been MONTHS since I last posted and I bet you thought I decided to quit blogging altogether. Actually I wondered that myself. LOL I kept thinking I should get on here and update but I never did. I get into these funks where I think I really have nothing interesting to tell anyone so why bother. I really do lead somewhat of a boring life! Then the holidays came and went . . . and I still could not gather the energy to do a blog post. I know - its sad, really, when I follow so many terrific blogs and on each and every one of them, they all find the time to blog if not daily, at least weekly. So I thought since its a new year, how about a new post? :D I hope everyone is enjoying 2012 so far. Its been a crazy couple of weeks here. Not only did I have the holidays to prepare for, but my daughter, who has been living at home since the end of her internship in September, was accepted into a GA position at a college near St. Louis. She has been looking for an athletic training position since graduating, but has had no luck. She went on a few interviews, but she couldn't get any of them because she isn't licensed yet - she had to wait until this month for her graduation date to show up on her transcript, in order to even apply for her license. Well, she found out that she got the position for GA and they wanted her there in 2 weeks! That meant we had to quickly find her a place to live. She made a few calls and found a couple of apartments to look at and we went down on a Tuesday to look at them. So last Saturday, we moved her into her new place. Its a cute little apartment - its tiny but its only for her, so it doesn't have to be huge. Other than the noisiness of living in an apartment building, I think she likes it here. Its fairly close to the university too, and right down the street from it are a lot of shopping places, which is a huge plus. There's even a big hobby lobby there - I thought that was surely a good sign! LOL She is hoping to get her masters in education and will be an athletic trainer for the wrestling team. I really miss seeing her here every day. She worked at a daycare for a few months, since coming back from New York. She liked it there a lot (other than the diaper changes! haha). I know it was hard for her to leave there - she was already attached to a few of the kids. She would come home every day for lunch because it was really close to our house. I really miss that. I worry every day about her but I keep telling myself - at least she isn't in New York anymore! :) I really wish I didn't worry so much. It seems to be my best trait, unfortunately.

This year didn't start out so great for my son. He and his girlfriend just broke up, and even though he is trying to be all strong and act cool, I know it bothers him a lot. So I'm hoping things look up for him really soon! He just finished his first semester of college and did really well in all of his classes. I couldn't be prouder of him!

I have been reading about everyone participating in the 365 photo challenge (this year its 366 though - due to Leap Year!). I thought about doing it again - and then remembered that I failed the last time tried this. haha So I just decided to snap away whenever I think of it without any pressure to do it every single day! I hope I can continue to post more frequently, I really do miss blogging!