Almost done . . .

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Well – after working on my new scrap desk for what seems like FOREVER, its almost done!!!

new desk

I have to say, after working on this thing so long, I am really kind of tired of thinking about it! LOL For everything I did right on it, I did about 3 things wrong, too. haha But all in all I am happy with how its turning out. Its not perfect, but its cute with a large work space and tons of storage! I am on the last step – adding a few coats of polycrylic to it. That’s not going so well . . . I am seeing lots of brush strokes, which I am not like at all. I really wanted to just get a glass top for it, but I’m afraid that will cost me a small fortune to get. I really need the extra protection of the polycrylic though – this desk will be used a LOT. My last desk was glass, and it was so easy to clean up spilled glue, glitter, ink, etc. 

I tried to make it look like the PB desk as much as I could, but I did add a little extra decoration to it. I saw someone online had bought a headboard and put appliques on it. I thought it was really a cute idea so I went to DoItYourselfChic and ordered a couple of rose appliques to put on the front and back of the desk. I really like how it looks on it. Definitely very girly! :) 

So I have learned how to miter corners of wood, use a caulking gun, use wood filler, drill holes, and probably a few other things in between. haha

Well – I’m off to try to get this stupid polycrylic to go on right. Have a great evening!



Christie said...

It looks fantastic! I'm so impressed. Is that a doggie bed underneath? :)

sssalad said...

Thanks Christie! Yes - Lexi has her bed under the desk. She loves it under there - like her own little house. LOL