So dreary!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Its a dreary, cloudy day here. A chance of snow showers and rain, too. I know – its March. Anything goes in March. My son was born in March. On the 19th - 18 years ago.   On the day I had him, it snowed. I was so depressed because of the snow. I wanted spring weather. No such luck. But by the time I got home from the hospital, it WAS sunny and getting warmer by the day. So – see, anything goes in March in the midwest! :) 

So what has everyone been up to lately? Same old same old here. I recently bought a macro lens – and have been trying to get some macro photos to see how the lens performs. Well – this is really hard in the winter. I love macro photography. I am always out at the park in the spring/summer/fall, taking pics of bugs, bees, flowers, anything really that will look cool as a macro photo. Its SO hard to do in the winter because I seriously lack imagination! So – since I have no other ideas and I just took water pics last week, I decided to take MORE water pics. haha See – I told you I had no imagination! So here is my second take on this:

waterdrops again!

I actually think these are pretty cool. I again used the tutorial I posted previously. I used flowered scrapbook paper as my background, and again used my off camera flash. I think these turned out better than the last attempt, but that’s just MY opinion! LOL If you have any other ideas on macro photography indoors, let me know! I love a good photography challenge! 

Today I am planning on going through my mountains of photos on my computer and hard drive. I am thinking of printing some of them out and making some photo arrangements in my house. I figure, I take them and they just sit on my hard drives. I might as well get some printed and enjoy them, right? Hopefully I can find some I like enough to show off. I really want to do a big display of canvas prints above my fireplace, too. Just as soon as I can talk the hubby into letting me purchase them. haha

Talk to you soon and have a great weekend!



Christie said...

Those look great. Love the ones with the paper behind them.