Playing with water!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hi guys! Its a BEAUTIFUL Saturday here in Illinois! The weather this past week has been like spring. Spring is my favorite time of year. I just love it. BUT – its only February, so I know it won’t last for long this time around. I am definitely enjoying this little teaser immensely though!

I frequent a few photography message boards and on one of them, some of the girls have been trying to get pictures of water drops. If your addicted to photography like me,  you will understand the fun of this little project. If your not addicted to photography, you might be shaking your had thinking I have lost my marbles trying to get pictures of a water drop. LOL Hopefully your in the first group and don’t think I am nuts. So anyway – someone came across this tutorial and from there, everyone has caught waterdrop fever. So here is my feeble attempt at it. Let me just say, its not the easiest thing to get a waterdrop in focus! It was definitely fun to play around with though. I just used scrapbook paper as my background. I did use my external flash for this, too.  waterdrop storyboard

Well – hope you are all having a great weekend, and I hope it feels like spring where you are too!

Talk to you soon!



Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Kim!

It certainly is warmer here, hope winter has had it's last hurrah.... but not holding my breath. We've been fooled before.

Went prom dress shopping today... I am so poor now :(


Dottie :)

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Oh, btw, great water pics... so totally cool!

D :)

sssalad said...

Dottie, Kirsten should have went shopping in my basement for prom dresses! Lol I have 3 beautiful dresses that will never be used again!