Are you ready for the holidays???

Friday, December 10, 2010

Well, I, for one, am NOT. Every year it gets harder and harder!!! This year I am having an extremely hard time figuring out what to get anyone. Even my daughter, who I usually have several things in mind for. The only one that is easy is me. LOL What does that say about me? Hmmm.  My list this year is a mile long. I want just about everything. haha My most wanted item this year is an Ipad. I love that if I do a photo shoot with someone, and I have an Ipad with me, I can just download the photos right there for them to see. Plus I love using my ipod for internet at home, and I think the Ipad will be more portable than my laptop for that. And of course, there are all the apps that are so much fun to play with on it! I just recently got an Iphone and let me tell you – I LOVE it! My brother, the Mac guru is highly jealous. I finally have something techy that HE doesn’t have! LOL 

So . . . if any of you have ideas on what to get people (namely my husband!) for Christmas, please share your ideas with me!

Have a great weekend!

Lexi with duck