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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Once again - I have neglected my blog big time! I have been so busy taking online classes, figuring out Facebook, and working that there seems to be no time for anything else! But I am back - hopefully posting a bit more than I have the last month. (which was NOT ONE TIME). LOL We are planning our vacation. We have decided on Tennessee. I am pretty sure the whole fam is going - and I think my daughter's new boyfriend might be going as well - not quite sure about that though. My son is already grumbling - "why are we going to Tennessee? Theres nothing to do there!" I told him he WILL have fun. ha ha So far we are thinking Nashville, Chattanooga and Smoky Mountains. Thats a lot to cram into a week but we are going to try to do it. Not sure whats on the agenda yet, but for some strange reason I want to do white water rafting. Now most of you probably know, I can not swim (I CAN float though! hehe). But it always looks so fun, and the ones I have been checking out have guides on the raft who are CPR certified, and we will be wearing life jackets so if I can get the rest of the family talked into it and the weather cooperates, I think we will do it. I am not a country music fan, so Nashville doesn't really excite me but I still think it will be fun. I have needed a vacation so bad, so at this point I would go just about anywhere. We are going in about a month - so I really need to get plans made ASAP!

Other things going on over the last month - lets see . . . well, I finished Candice Stringham's Portrait class, and right after that signed up for Katrina Kennedy's Through the Lens class. That was a bit too soon after Candice's though - so unfortunately I didn't participate much in Katrina's. She is so friendly and helpful though - hopefully she will offer more classes in the future. I think she is a great teacher. Then, this last week I started Jessica Sprague's newest class - I don't remember the name of it but it is a photo editing course - we have been putting frames, masks, textures, etc. on photos - it was free if you signed up during her birthday week - can't beat that! It really is a fun class and I am learning some cute photo techniques!
Here's an example of masking:

See how the edges are scruffy? Jessica gave us the mask to download for free, and we use it with our own photo to create the edges. So cool! Speaking of cool - how do you like those Pepsi bottles? ha ha I saw them at Wal Mart yesterday and could not resist buying them. They had blue too but they were $1.50 a piece and I was feeling cheap so I only bought the three. I just love them though - I wish they sold them like that all the time!

Well - thats all for now. I will talk to you soon! (I promise!).
Have a great Saturday!


Christie said...

Yea that you get to go on a vacation!!! Woo Hoo for you! I know how much you have been wanting to get away. Now figure out that camera so you can get some great pictures while you are white-water rafting. :0

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Kim!

Happy Vacation Time!! lol

We just got back from Indianapolis, which is as far as I could get the kids to go. We goofed off, they took pics of the uptown, go cart races and amusement park (should have seen Kevin in the go carts, too much fun!). Of course, I mostly sat on the sidelines, if I can't drive a car, I sure as yet am not getting in a go cart and trying to kill myself! The kids said they only went 5 mph, but damn, they seemed to fly by me! Anyway, they all seemed to relax and had fun.

I think you'll enjoy Tennessee, and it's not terribly far from North Carolina if you want to drive a little further and check out the beautiful scenery. I don't think you'll regret it, it's so green and wonderfully quaint. There are little shacks along the side of the roads, run down little places that used to sell things, but not anymore or at least I hope not anymore! Little towns and strip malls spring out of nowhere. If you go into the mountains, the incline gets steep fast and your ears start popping, it's a lot of fun. Well, we enjoyed it anyway! Can't wait to hear more.

Dottie :)

Chrispea said...

I enjoyed Jessica's class, too. I think I need to practice more. I like how she did her masks... bit different from the way I knew... and dare I say easier?? I'll have to look for that soda, or as we say in these here parts "pop"!