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Thursday, June 11, 2009

that a camera could be soooooo confusing! So I am taking another photography class. This one is called Captured Through the Lens through the Get It Scrapped site. Its the first week of class, and the teacher, (who by the way is so darn friendly you can't help but love her right off the bat!) explains in our first lesson about "back button focus". I had no idea what this meant so all this week I have been messing around with my camera trying to figure it all out. There is an AE-L/AF-L button on the back of the camera and I knew this was what she was talking about but had no idea how to adjust it to fit my needs. So this afternoon, after looking at several web sites, my manual, and a book that I purchased last night, I figured out a few things but still am pretty confused! Its actually giving me a headache trying to figure it out. But now the curiosity has gotten to me and I just HAVE to know how it all works. LOL I played around with the settings and thought I had it set to lock the exposure (that is what I wanted to lock, since I am constantly metering, I figured this would help me the most). I thought I had it set but then the exposure would not "hold" for very long. I then found some other settings that may possibly set the amount of time it holds it for. Oh brother. Why does this have to be so darn confusing! Thats what I get for buying a camera with a zillion different settings. LOL

As for other news going on around here - Heather is home from school, but is now taking 2 classes at the community college, Statistics and Medical Terminology. I can certainly help her with the Med. Term but NOT the statistics! Its been crazy this week - she has class 4 days a week and is off on Friday's. She went to WIU to stay the night there tonight and is headed home for a doctors appt. tomorrow morning. Crazy girl. I would have just stayed home, but thats just me. hehe As for my son, he is still looking for a part time job and is quite discouraged that he can't find one. He has applied at several places with not even an interview (well - I take that back - he did have ONE but they said they weren't even hiring - why did they have to get his hopes up then???). He wants a job so bad because he wants to build his own computer and has no money to buy the parts for it. His lawn mowing money gets spent as soon as his dad gives it to him. LOL Not much else is going on here. Our neighborhood is having their garage sale this weekend. We have a whole basement full of junk that we should sell, but my husband is taking a class this summer as well and has class all this weekend so he won't be able to help with the sale, and my daughter said she would but that is probably not going to happen, as it will interfere with her beauty sleep, so I doubt that I will be having my sale. I really wanted to but I hate doing it alone - its just too much work, so once again the basement will be full of junk for a while more. :( In other news, I have not totally given up the idea of going on a trip, but I am thinking its most likely NOT going to happen. First, I really can't afford to take a week off work since I don't have vacation time, and second, no one wants to go where I do, and finding a time is almost impossible. :( :( :( I just need to get away SOOOOO bad. I am not talking about a weekend away - I need at least a week to feel like I have had a vacation. It really sucks not having any benefits at my job!

OK - I am officially done whining for the day! Sorry for such a depressing post - just the kind of mood I am in, I guess! Once I start complaining, I can go on for hours. LOL Anyway - hope you are all having a wonderful week and have great plans for the weekend! (and are all in a much better mood than I am! hehe)
Talk to you soon!

p.s. I am going to leave you with a picture I took last weekend. It puts a smile on my face everytime I look at it so I posted it to try to perk my mood up. It is of my daughter and a friend of hers from college that came to spend the weekend with us last weekend. Look at Lexi in the corner of the pic - she just HAD to get in the picture with the girls. It just cracks me up!


My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Kim!

Well, we probably aren't doing anything this year either, who can afford? Everything's so expensive and gas is on the rise again! We might be able to take a couple of weekend trips, but that's it. At least we'll get away overnight somewhere. I now have to worry about our neighbor's cat that eat any of their food and will only eat here..lol.. He's so silly, but he comes over and puts his paws on the window of our screen down and meows until he's fed. He's so old, I think he's just a little senile...lol... he can't remember where he lives anymore, not really, he still sleeps there, just comes to our house for 3 squares and snacks.

My kids have been looking for part-time jobs too, no luck, and they're tired of not having any money. Oh well, at least they don't have to have a job!

Dottie :)

(happy late birthday to you and Heather!! you know me, late for everything!)

A Peoples' Photographer said...

Nice blog! Good luck with that camera, as soon as you get going with it post some pictures for us to see!