Some photos of my baby to share!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I wanted to post these pics I took today. The first one is one I have been wanting to get for a long time - I LOVE when my dog sits with her paws all tucked in. She looks like a little hen laying on her eggs. LOL I always think she must be cold when she sits like this. The other picture is what I get EVERY TIME I make the bed. She jumps up on the bed and doesn't budge. I have to move her to actually make the bed. Such a stubborn spoiled little girl. haha

So other than sharing pics I guess I should fill you in on whats going on around here. I have been trying very hard to adapt to my new job but day by day I am afraid it isn't going to work out. Yesterday I had no cardiac work to type (which is what I actually know how to do), so I told them to give me more work of a different type. They gave me discharge summaries. Now, they WERE more interesting, but they were definitely not terminology I was use to so it took me way more time to type them. I was totally exhausted by the end of the day - and do you know what I ended up making? $6 an hour. Yep. $6.00. I could have made more at McDonalds. I just wanted to cry. I was so frustrated after not knowing what I was doing and then to only make $6.00/hr - I just don't know if its worth it. I know if I stick with it I will get faster and it will pay off more but I just don't know if I can stick it out long enough to find out. My DH is getting stressed and is trying to find me a new job. How thoughtful. LOL We shall see how the rest of the week goes . . . hopefully better than yesterday! Well - hope you are all doing well. Have a great week! Steph


Christie said...

Cute doggie pics!!
Sorry the job situation is not working well. I hope either the current job gets better or your hubby finds you a better one! :D

Dottie said...

Lexie is so sweet, I wish Stuart was like that, instead of being Cujo dog. I hoped working at home would be the thing for you, it is a lot nicer being home all the time and I'm sure Lexie loves it. Maybe try it a while longer and hope it gets better, it sounds like it can only get better after yesterday.:)

ConnieDawn said...

While he is at it could you ask Sam to get me a job too? ;-) I can imagine how frustrating your job must be! Hang in there!