Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I can't believe Thanksgiving is here already. Though this year has not been the best one for me it IS flying by! LOL I spent Mon. and Tues. in Chicago with my daughter seeing doctors and having tests done - follow up stuff from her surgery in June. We are glad to have that all behind us since she had to have another CMG (a catheter test to check her bladder function). She also got a full release from the neurosurgeon. That means she can now do stunting in cheerleading. I am not sure I like that idea but she is very happy about it. Dr. Bowman said "how about I give you a full release, and you don't tell me what that entails?". haha Dr. Bowman is so nice and such a cautious and great surgeon - she had originally said she would release her in 3 months, but then didn't. Honestly I am surprised she released her now - since she just had her surgery in June. Heather has been sitting on the sidelines every time they stunt - and let me tell you - they do a LOT of stunting in college cheerleading. It has been so frustrating for her because thats what she loves most about cheering. Lets just pray she stays safe now, though! Anyway - I returned home very late Tuesday night, went straight to bed and yesterday I worked. Today I am "suppose" to be working but here is what there is to do right now:

See that blank screen??? That means there is no work for me to do. I am definitely looking for a new job STAT. This one is clearly not working out too well. I will miss being at home - that part has been so nice. But being at home is not as important to me as getting a real paycheck, ya know? Well - hope you are all having a fabulous Thanksgiving. Don't stuff yourselves too much - though I know thats really hard not to do on a day like today! Oh - and have fun shopping all the black Friday sales! Buy some scrapbook stuff for me! ; )