Some seniors to share!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I hope everyone is having a great week! Mine has started out kind of crazy. On Monday there was a bomb threat at my daughter’s college. Then today, there was a “small fire” at my son’s high school. I am hoping the rest of the week is a bit calmer!!! Today, while the weather has been absolutely gorgeous (60’s and sunny), it has been really windy. I went out to pick up our garbage cans from the end of the driveway (Tuesday is garbage day at our house), and thought someone had taken them in already, as they were gone. Well, they had blown across the street to the neighbor’s yard. haha Oops! 

I have been SOOOO busy lately! After I took the baby pictures, I was asked to do my niece’s senior pictures, then I did a friend of mine’s son’s senior pictures. I am sharing some of my very favorite ones from those shoots. I also did some of my son, but since he hates me sharing anything online, I will honor his wishes and not post any!

Oh – and as soon as I get to them, I will post some photos from the weekend. I met some Pea’s from the message board, and took some photos with them. I had a lot of fun in St. Louis. We went to Union Station, the warehouse district, and ate at Fitz’s and the Old Spagetti Factory. I love sharing photography with others who have a passion for it like me!

Talk to you all later! 


crinkle-nose DSC_6521 DSC_6549    DSC_6600


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Connie said...

Awesome Stephanie!!!!!