Sunday, October 3, 2010

I know every month I say the same thing, but this year is FLYING by! I heard someone the other day say there are only 90 days until Christmas! (there is even less now though!) How is that for depressing! I have been so busy lately that no wonder its flying by. It seems that every weekend is filled with things to do and the next thing I know its Monday and back to work. I have been taking a TON of pictures lately. I just love taking pictures, as you know. Its not only an addiction, and a very fun hobby, but its also like therapy for me. There is nothing like going out and capturing the beauty around me. Its funny how I really started to SEE things once I got into photography. I notice things now that I never would have noticed before. Everything is a photo opportunity.

My niece just had a baby girl and asked me to take some pictures of her. I jumped at the chance! I had this vision of getting all these cute poses, but she was having nothing to do with posing – and we also had hopes of a naked baby shot but she also wanted nothing to do with being in the buff. So, we got plenty of shots with her in a nice warm blanket. LOL But you know what – its ok. We are going to take more again, so maybe we can get some nakey ones then. LOL Here are a few of my favorites I took of her:



Henley in bear hat

Right before the baby was born, my mother in law passed away. She was 86 years old. It was both sad and a blessing all at the same time. She had Alzheimer’s and the past few years have been rough on my husband an his sister. It was tough when she no longer knew her family. It got even tougher when she started having behavior that was so unlike her. She spent the last 3 years in homes – first an assisted living facility for a few months, then when she started wandering off, she went to an Alzheimer’s home. Then the last few months was spent in a nursing home. She slowly just started getting worse, not eating, sleeping all the time. . . so it was definitely sort of a blessing when she passed, as sad as that sounds. Throughout the years, she was such a wonderful mother in law and grandmother. She would have done anything for us, that for sure. The kids loved her so much and it was hard on them at the funeral. But I am sure she is in Heaven right now, though, talking to my mom! That makes me smile! She’s also with her husband now, and I am sure she is VERY happy about that!

Anyway – speaking of therapy – LOL - here are a few pictures I took today at the park. The ducks were so entertaining – it was apparently bath time. Oh- and I am also sharing a picture of my new camera strap I made this afternoon – I am really into ruffles right now and a tutorial was shared by Amanda from Kevin and Amanda on how to make this ruffled strap.  I love how it turned out! I used a cotton fabric for the strap, and the ruffle is black fleece, because I knew I would not have to sew the edges of the fleece. haha 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Talk to you soon!








Christie said...

So sorry about your MIL. Your pics are just beautiful. That baby is adorable! So sweet.