Goodbye summer . . .

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Well tomorrow school starts for my son. :( Not that I don’t like the peace and quiet of him gone all day, LOL, but I hate to think that summer is actually over. I love summer. I like fall too, but it seems that fall doesn’t last long and then its winter, which I really don’t like much at all. But its inevitable when you live in the midwest! Its been a nice summer, but it seems that I never have enough free time to actually enjoy it like I want to. I am still working my same job, so that means 9 hour days. I am off 1 day a week, but it never lasts long enough to get much done. Then the weekends are full of laundry, and a tiny bit of housecleaning, and then before you know it, its Monday again. And it starts all over! LOL  Also, lately there has been some family stuff that has really got me stressed, and I’ve been saying lots and lots of prayers – I sure hope God is listening to me! I do tell him all the time though how thankful I am that he gave me my children – becoming a mother is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I truly am blessed.

This past weekend I did a little photoshoot for a friend. She has a teenage daughter and what teenager girl doesn’t like getting her picture taken? Here is one of my favorites of the bunch – I know she has a serious look on her face, but I just love this picture! I have a feeling this girl is going to break a lot of hearts!focus check C

Here is another one for you – this had to be my picture of the day because I thought it was hilarious!  She made me promise not to post it on Facebook – though I really really wanted to! LOL

day 227

In other news, we moved our daughter into her first house – she is renting a house with 2 other girls at school. Finally she is out of the dorms and is very happy about that! She has been dealing with being a homeowner – she has had to do lots of cleaning and since the house has been vacant for a while she has had to kill a lot of bugs. LOLday 220

Well – this post is short and sweet, but thats all I have for ya for now! Have a great week.



Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Kim!

Wanna take some pics of Kirsten? LOL We're having senior pictures taken, but she wants way more. Let me know if you want to, really, she'd love it. Who's taking number 1 son's?

Ewww, on the bug killing. I remember those days of renting a college place, bring lots of spray. LOL And disinfectant.

Dottie :)