May Day!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Yep. Its May! The months just keep flying by!!! Its also National Scrapbook day! I hope all my scrappy friends had time to either scrap or shop for scrappy stuff today. ;-)  I started the day off going to Archivers! I don’t get there often since its a little far away but I had something big to return to World Market so I returned that in Shilo and headed to Archivers in Fairview Hgts. I was so good too – I only spent $17.00 at Archivers (with a coupon!). I got a new EK Success punch that is just the cutest thing. you know how you look at something and fall in love with it the minute you see it? That’s how I felt about this punch. I know its just a punch but I thought of a bunch of uses for it right off the bat, and since I just got my coupons in the mail yesterday, it was fate. LOL Its called “Real Estate Sign”.  Here’s a picture of it:


After Archivers, I hit up some other stores in the area and then headed home. Now I am just waiting for my DH to get home and make steaks on the grill. He has been refereeing so much that he is never home anymore. I hate to confess this but I have never used the grill by myself. It really kind of scares me. LOL So I leave the grilling to him! Anyway – on the rare occasion that he is home for dinner, I figure its only fair that he grills out. hehe

In other news, my daughter is wrapping up her last semester of junior year in college. Its been a really tough semester for her and she is really stressed right now about whether or not she will make the GPA for her major. I sure hope she does because she has worked so hard and I would hate for her to have to make a new choice at this point. She tries so hard but like me, grades don’t come easy for her. :(  If you could all say a little prayer for her I’d appreciate it!  My son is also wrapping up his junior year in HS. I can not believe that in a month school will be out. My baby will be a senior in HS! Wow – that makes me feel REALLY old. He just took his ACT and is anxious to hear what he got on it.

Since the weather has turned warmer I have been outside taking TONS of pictures. I love spring. it really is my favorite time of year. I will close with a few of my favorites from this spring so far.

My barberry bush – who knew they bloomed? this is the first year for that!


This is just a daisy I bought – just to take pictures of. LOL


Flowers on a tree at my favorite park:


My lilac bush! I had 4 but only 1 lived. :(


A tree in my backyard – I LOVE the flowers it has in the spring!


Flowers at the park – I was playing around with shutter speed. :)


Tulips at the Botanical Gardens:


Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! Talk to you soon!



Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Cool pictures Kim! Especially the one that got caught in the twister from the Wizard of Oz!

Dottie :)