Well Hello April!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Well last time I posted it was "almost" March. Now it is April 1. All I can say is WOW. Where is the time going? Before you know it it will be summer break! I personally feel that its been an extremely long winter so I am really ready for spring and pretty flowers, green grass, leaves on the trees, hearing the birds chirping, the lawn mowers going, kids out playing . . . the only thing I don't love about spring is tornados and bugs. LOL Other than that, its my favorite time of year! I just love the fresh newness of everything! March was a busy month. The first week of March my DH and I went on a trip to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. For those that know me well - there were times we weren't sure we would make it to this point, but we did it! It has sometimes been a tough road but I have always felt that when you have kids, you do what you can to make it through the bad times, ya know!?! So we went to St. Petersburg Florida for a week of sun and relaxation. It was kinda chilly when we were there though - so I didn't get to wear the swimsuit (darn! sure hate that! HA). I did get to break out the flip flops a couple of days though which was nice! We stayed right on the beach so every morning I walked out to the beach and just soaked it all in - enjoying every single minute on the sand listening to the waves and the seagulls, looking at shells along the edge of the water. I would love to live near the ocean some day. Its so pretty and calming. Anyway - the week after we got back it was my DS's 17th birthday. Then my DD was home a couple of days for her spring break. After that the rest of the month just sort of flew by. Now here it is April - hard to believe! Right now I am taking a class at Big Picture Scrapbooks - it just started today actually! It is called Picture Spring. It is taught by Tracy Clark and each day we get a prompt to take a picture of something spring-related. Since I am doing the Project 365 this year I thought this would be perfect to help motivate me - at least for 1 month of the year! I think it will be a really fun class and am looking forward to it! Well - I need to get busy. I just thought I'd pop in and say hi and tell you a little of what I have been up to!

Have a great April Fools Day! I will leave you with one of my favorite pictures of the ocean:

Talk to you soon!


Chrispea said...

Wow, those pictures are sooo pretty. Yep, I'd be sad too, if I couldn't put my bathing suit on! bwhahahahaha. Take it easy!!