Its coming along!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Well - after working ALL day yesterday, I have figured out how to change a few things on my blog. I was planning to have my son help me but he gets so tired of people asking him how to do things (he is our techy guy of the house!), I figured all this out myself, and I have to say I am proud of myself. My sister in law sent me a site that showed how to change some things, and that helped me a bunch. I'm still not done, but at least I don't feel like things are all over the place like they were yesterday afternoon. LOL

Today was a great Sunday. I went out to lunch and to the mall with a good friend of mine, and she surprised me with an ornament that I had my eye on before Christmas. She knew I liked it because we had gone to the mall before Christmas and I showed it to her, as we were shopping in the Hallmark store. I LOVE Hallmark ornaments and this one caught my eye because I love to travel. We have decided to take a trip together this year, so she bought it for me in honor of this! We aren't sure yet when/where we are going, and I am sure it will be on the cheap but I am looking forward to it! Here's the ornament, which also became my picture of the day since I did not take a pic of anything else. I thought it was a great idea to take a pic of it to share with all of you!

Isn't it cute! Its a little travel bag. It has tickets in the front pocket, headphones and water bottle on the side pockets, and a Jetstrean magazine in the back pocket!

Well - hope you all are having a great Sunday!

Talk to you soon!