Day 6 and counting!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Well - I have gone 6 days in a row taking pictures and I'm pretty proud of myself. LOL I know - its only 6 days, but its a start, right? Here is my picture of the day (surprise. haha I will probably end up with at least 300 of this little girl!)

Unfortunately, she is the only one in the house that would let me take a picture. Also, unfortunately, taking this picture was the highlight of my day. Its really been kind of a crummy day. I got up, went into my office to work, and there was nothing there. I waited most of the day for work to come in. This is becoming quite a trend - and a sign that I really need to look for something else. Then, as if that weren't enough, I hear that we are about to have a huge snowstorm. This makes me mad for a couple of reasons. First, I was planning to visit a friend of mine this weekend, Nikki Sivils, who is having a fun event planned in her hometown of Springfield, MO. Nikki owns her own scrapbook company and they are having an event to show some of her new scrapbook lines coming out at CHA. I was REALLY looking forward to it. But if we get the snow that they say we will, I won't be going anywhere! Another reason I do not want a huge snowstorm is my husband is out of town. So that means I will have to shovel myself out of my home all by myself. Then there is the fact that my dog won't go to the bathroom outside in the snow, unless I clear a small patch of grass for her! So needless to say - I am really really hoping that we don't get the snow that they are saying - which is 6-7 inches! Also, my son is suppose to go back to school tomorrow - the first day back from Christmas break.

Well - enough whining from me! I hope you are all having a wonderful day/evening and hopefully none of my blogger friends will get snowed in!

Talk to you soon!


Christie said...

GREAT PIC! The snow is already here. I just hope we can still go. If it stops by tomorrow, we should be okay. I hope! Good Luck digging out.

sssalad said...

Thanks Christie! Regarding this weekend, I'm not holding out much hope of going to be honest. Its blowing pretty hard out there right now, which means lots of snow flying around, lots of drifts, hard to see roads. :(

Anonymous said...

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