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Friday, May 1, 2009

This is my view from my scraproom/office. I normally love looking out the window - it looks out onto our pool (which is not open yet, and is FULL of water from all the rain/snow this winter/spring!!!). Lately, however, it has RAINED EVERY DAY. I checked our forecast for the area yesterday, and there is rain in the entire 10 day forecast - every single day. My sump pump is seriously running continuously and I am afraid it will quit altogether because its just plain tired of sucking rain out of my basement! UGGGH.

Sorry - I had to get that out of my system! So what is everyone up to this weekend? No real plans for me - just relaxing. Maybe I will shop for a nice pretty UMBRELLA to use for the next 10 DAYS. Ooops - I said I was done with that subject, didn't I? LOL Sorry - heard the sump pump go off and totally lost my train of thought! hehe I am very glad its Friday and I have the weekend to have some fun. I really should dig out all my spring clothes. Yes I know its late in the game for that - but I had a few short sleeved things hanging with my winter stuff and that has been what I wear every day until I can muster up the energy to drag out all the other stuff. It shouldn't be too hard because I really don't have that many things to wear. I really need to go clothes shopping but I hate spending the money! Speaking of money - remember when I posted about possible places to go on vacation? Well - I ALMOST had my DH talked into Orlando - I say ALMOST because he later told me he can't take a whole week off work. He does this all the time - he says things and gets my hopes up and then changes his mind. I want to strangle him when he does this! Anyway - I have been trying to think of someplace that we would all enjoy but the real question is - is there a time that we can all go together? The more I think about that last question - the more depressed I get - I highly doubt we can all go at the same time what with school, jobs, etc. Also, I had been saving up for a little mini trip all to myself. I had been thinking about some type of scrap convention, or retreat - something I have never done before. I also pondered the idea of going to a photography workshop somewhere fun. I am really getting into taking pics and would love to learn so much more about how to take GOOD pics. Then when I started thinking about photography, I started thinking that maybe I'd like to save for a new camera. Don't get me wrong - I love my camera, but its an entry level DSLR, and there are some features I wish it had. Theres the new Nikon D90 that has been calling my name for quite a while and I almost have enough saved up for it. So . . . do I take a much needed fun trip, or do I buy a camera that I have had my eye on for quite a while??? What would you do?

OK - well I am going to stop talking now. Sorry for all the rambling! I guess thats what happens when you work at home all by yourself with no one to talk to except a little dog! LOL
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Talk to you soon! (and send some sunshine my way if you can!!!)



My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Kim!

I'd send sunshine if there was any to be had, but we live in Illinois too. Some of the bloggers have mentioned how nice California is right now, I would mind joining them!!

Decisions about trips vs cameras???
Which do you need more rest and relaxation or a new toy that you get to use over and over again..hmmmm.. too hard to decide!! I know what Kevin would say -- he say give him the money and he'll save it for you!! He's always promising we'll get away and do something...well, I'm still sitting on my couch!! (He would definitely be in opposition to Orlando, he hates the sunny states! He also a stick in the mud, which I tell him about!)

Dottie :)

Jodie said...

Hi there, found your blog through CK Message Board. The camera or a trip..... what will make you the happiest? You have said it is sad you can't all go on the trip together. A camera lasts a lot longer that a trip and it can make you smile everyday! I don't know, only you can decide. Good luck with it. Jodie