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Thursday, May 7, 2009

What a day this has been so far! I woke up, intending to get some work done but right off the bat the internet quit working. So that put an end to my getting anything done! Then, I had to drive to Schuyler County courthouse to get supervision on a speeding ticket that I got when I took Heather to the neurosurgeon a month ago. :( For a little courthouse, it sure was packed with traffic offenders. LOL I had no idea how much more it was to get supervision but when I found out I couldn't believe it - $120 extra, on top of the cost of the ticket! Oh well - in just 60 days I will have a clean record - I guess its all worth it! After my fun court appearance, I came home and found out the internet was now working. By this time, I am completely NOT in the mood to do anything though. LOL (after all - I just spent 3 hours driving today!) So . . . I got on Amazon and looked around and looked up the price for the Nikon D90 that I have been wanting for a while. Last night I got my DH talked into letting me get it - now I am paying most of this myself, so I don't know why I needed his "approval" but I just felt it would be better to get it ahead of time, KWIM? SO . . . I was planning on getting it at Best Buy because that is the only store that has it in town. But after looking at Amazon and seeing that it was $400 less, my choice was made - so after just a few clicks, and next day shipping, I purchased it!!!!! I am way beyond excited - this camera is sooo sweet! The thing that makes me nervous is I didn't get an extended warranty on it. I didn't see that as an option through Amazon - but I figured for the price I couldn't pass it up, so hopefully it will last a really long time! My D40 has been a great camera and I haven't had any problems with it so far so keep your fingers crossed . . . then after placing my order I started browsing some online photography sites. I am taking Candice Stringham's Portraiture class that started on Monday. We are going to start shooting next week, I think, so I sure hope my D90 comes tomorrow like its suppose to! Can you tell how excited I am? I have wanted this camera since the day it was announced! Anyway- back to my class . . . this week we are to find out what our "style" is. Well - I have been looking at tons of mags and tons of websites and I have came to the conclusion that my style is "fun, outdoorsy, casual" all rolled into one! I also love pics of babies and here is a site that a classmate shared that has the most ADORABLE baby pictures:
I just love her photos!!!

Anyway - just had to share my fun day with you all! I need to get off here for now - in a while my DS will be home and I have to help him take pics of architecture for his photog. class at school. Lets just say he doesn't share my love of taking pictures. LOL

Have a great day!


Christie said...

Woo Hoo! Congrats on the new camera. That is very exciting. I can't wait to see your "fun, outdoorsy,casual" pics with it!

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Congrats on the new camera Kim!!

I glad you're enjoying your photog class as well.

Talk to you soon.

Dottie :)

Vanessa (aka V, Nessa, oldschool) said...

I have a d60 & just love her...she is so fab!
you will NEVER regret this purchase I am sure of that!
happy mom's day to you!!!