Lots of road blocks today!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today got off to a bad start right away. I got up at my usual time - 5:30 - took my shower, and got ready for work. As I was cleaning my glasses, they BROKE. They broke a few months ago in the very same place, and Lens Crafters had advised me to take them to a jeweler close by that could solder them back together. I knew they would probably be able to fix them again, but I couldn't take them right away because I promised my DS I would take him to get his very first drivers license. Then I had to get back home to finish my work day. So, I managed to find an older pair of glasses to wear in the meantime. But guess what? They didn't have any nose pads on them. I think I remember taking them off and putting them on my DS's glasses one day when his broke. Well - you can see where this day is going, can't you? So, here I am working - trying very hard to see in my OLD prescription, with glasses that have no nose pads on them. Not a pretty site, I assure you. At 8:00 sharp my DS is ready to be taken to the DMV. I checked the list of items we needed to bring - ss card, list of driving hours, form filled out, ID. I thought I had it all. I was wrong. When we got there we were informed that we needed either a certified birth certificate OR a sealed HS transcript. Well - the birth cert. was going to cost us $20 and the transcript was free, so I opted to try getting the transcript. We drove all the way back home (well not home, but the school is really close to our house) and I went into the school only to find out the counselors were all doing ACT testing with the juniors and couldn't get me a transcript. I went back out to the car and told my DS and after looking at the very disappointed look on his face, I opted to try plan B - the birth certificate. We drove back into town to the dept. of vital records or whatever its called, only to be told there that there is a 3 day waiting period to get the birth certificate. This was not looking good for my son who really really wanted his license! I took him to school and told him I'd do my best to get a transcript for him today. You see - his birthday was on March 19 but he couldn't get his license then because there is a new rule in IL that you have to wait 9 months after you get your permit to get your license. You have to be 15 in order to take drivers ed. So he took drivers ed last summer, but they got him into the last session, which made him late getting his license. Its all so confusing- I know! OK - back to my story. I dropped him off at school and went home to work. Lucky for us the counselor called later today and said she would get the transcript to him before he left for the day. So the minute he got home, we had to rush to the DMV and finally he got his license. I took a cute picture of him posing with it but he made me promise not to post it on my blog. He knows me all too well. haha After getting his license, I ran to the jewelers to get my glasses fixed, too! So - all is well in my household tonight. But what a day it was getting to this point!

If you have read all the way to the bottom of this post, you are a true friend! I know this story is probably only interesting to me but still I wanted to share it here! After all of the stress of the day, I went outside and saw that my trees are blooming. I only have 4 trees, but they all bloom and they are so pretty in the spring! It really is my favorite time of year. So I grabbed my camera - as I always do -and took some pictures. I will leave you with one of favorites taken with my new lens. This is from my little $7 tree. I bought it a couple of years ago at Meijer at the end of the season - I figured it would probably die but for $7 I wasn't out much. Its still alive - it looks sort of like a Charlie Brown tree because it is VERY tiny - but it has such pretty flowers on it in the spring!

Hope you are all having a great evening!


My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Kim!!

This story is even funnier the second time. Poor Joey! I feel for him! And poor you, I know what it's like to lose a nose pad and have it dig into the side of your nose all day. Ouch!! You're so sweet to go that extra mile, kids tend to take everything that Mom's do. So, here's a big pat on the back!!

Dottie :)