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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wow - I haven't posted in a few days! Sorry about that! There's not much new here, except work and scrappin! LOL Last night we went to a game to watch my DD cheer. Here's a pic of her stunting. It was at the beginning of the game so there are people walking by and I really didn't feel like cloning them out, as I am feeling lazy today. LOL I thought it was a cute pic though. The guy who is putting her up lives on her floor in her dorm so they have become friends. I took it with my new lens. I am not sure yet how I like it, but since I cut up the box to send in the $30 rebate, I guess I am stuck with it. haha I do like it, I am just not use to it not having VR, and I am usually bad at camera shake. So we will see how it goes. I will say one thing though - it was WONDERFUL not having to constantly switch lenses!!!

Oh - and heres a pic of a basket the team made! I was trying to get a pic of my DD watching them score, because she is right on the end by the basket, and I accidentally got the ball right in the basket. I couldn't have did that if I tried otherwise! Yesterday when I was watching the game and taking pics, the lady sitting next to me asked me if I was taking pictures for a job or for fun. I was kind of confused at first and then when I told my DD about it she said "mom, most people don't have cameras like that at the games". You can tell who the REAL photographer is though - he has a lens that is a mile long! (actually - if you look hard you can see him in the picture below - he is sitting on the floor with his camera). I do love taking pics though and am very happy with my camera. Sometimes I think it would be nice to have a more advanced model, but then I feel guilty because I really do love the one I have. I wish taking pics at the game WAS a job that I could get paid for! That would be cool.

Speaking of school, this semester is kind of tough for her so I made this card to cheer her up:

Isn't it the cutest thing ever? Well - if you like Hello Kitty that is! I love my new cricut cartridge. I got it last weekend on sale at Hobby Lobby and I am in love with this cart. It cuts out the cutest stuff! Anyway - not much else going on here this weekend. Today we are headed to Circuit City in a little bit to see if there is anything left to buy for a great deal. I hate to see that store close - I really liked it. Its so bad that so many businesses are closing these days - I sure hope Obama can get things turned around while in office. Its a big job though - so who knows.

I hope you are all having a great and fabulous weekend! Talk to you soon!


Christie said...

Great pics and I love that card! That is seriously the cutest card I have seen in a long time. I went to Circuit City on Friday. There wasn't anything there that I had to have.

My Blog 2.0 said...

Hi Kim

We went Saturday to Champaign to go Circuit City, but I got a better buy at Best Buy even with Circuit City's 20% off!! Finally found a new hard drive for my computer, but had to order it because they were all sold out. I also got a gig of ram to install. I'm actually afraid to turn off my computer, because when you do, it doesn't want to turn back on. I hope my new hard drive gets here soon. Going to install the hard drive and memory at the same time.
Go hope goes okay. Should be a pretty easy fix though.


My Blog 2.0 said...

Hi Kim,
Kirsten stole your hello kitty pic and made a desktop wallpaper out of it. Looks so cute!!