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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My daughter wanted a picture of our dog for her dorm room. I have hundreds of pics of my dog, because every time I want to experiment with my camera settings, she is my usual subject! The poor thing hates when I pick up a camera now! Anyway - I was looking through some CD's and came across this one. It is one of my favorites because she has a good fur-do going on in this pic, and she just looks really sweet! I did do a few PSE actions on it - I bought some a while ago when I was taking my Oh Shoot class - honestly I don't remember who they were from either. I need to figure that out because I really like them and I need to see if she has any new ones! I used the "turn the lights on!" and the "give me color" actions on this photo. It really helped to brighten it up. I think my daughter will like this picture! Well- I'm off to find a snack. My husband & I had date night tonight - we have that every wednesday - and we went to one of my favorite places - Xochimilco - they have really good fajitas! Plus its right around the corner from my house! I always eat 1/2 and take 1/2 home for lunch the next day. Since I am at home every day now and usually eat tv dinners, the fajitas for lunch are a special treat! The only bad thing about them is I always seem to need something sweet after I eat them! Hope you are all having a great Wednesday! Talk to you soon!


My Blog 2.0 said...

Hi Kim,
Lexie is sooo cute in that pic, she's so sweet with her little smile.

When Kevin and I have date night, we try to do it on Tuesday because we like to go to the movies. On Tuesdays, it's five dollar movie night and free popcorn. We can have dinner and a movie for a lot less money.

luvzenkm2 (Leea) said...

Hey Steph

What do you think of this crazy IL weather, ugh snow coming...if the flu does not hit again will be in town for convention....mid march...we have to get together...

Chrispea said...

Your dog is soooo cute. Mmm, fajita's sound yummy!