It can't be over already!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

It seems as though the weekend just started and now its over already! How sad! Friday night I stayed home and watched 2 movies on HBO - 27 Dresses and PS I Love You. I wasn't so fond of the last one, but I did enjoy 27 dresses. I know it didn't get such great reviews when it first came out but I still enjoyed it. Saturday, I ran a few errands in the morning and then we left for WIU where my DD cheered at 2 basketball games. My DS left today for a birthday party at Andalusia (not sure if I spelled that right). They were going snowboarding. He brought all kinds of clothes to bundle up in and I signed the generic waiver saying if he should break every bone in his body, they are not responsible. Lets just say he BETTER come back in 1 piece!!! Also, my DD left today to go back to school, after being home for a month. She went to the book store shen she got back, to buy books for the new semester - to the tune of $847.00. I nearly passed out when she told me how much they were. Why does everything have to be so expensive??? She doesn't plan to open them until she knows that she actually NEEDS them. I think thats a very good plan. Maybe she can return some and get her money back. Half the time she buys books that she never even opens the entire semester - what a huge waste of money! Last semester we paid over $600 for books and when she went to sell them back she got $87.00. Sounds fair to me, what do you think??? Well - thats all we have had going on here - I hope everyone had a great weekend! Talk to you soon!


My Blog 2.0 said...

Really cool pic!! Holy crap, $847.00!! I know what you mean about book expenses though. Did she try to find used books? They're really hard to find, you have to be one of the first to go book shopping, and then you have to worry about someone else's incorrect foot notes or damage. The colleges must assume that everyone is wealthy to except parents to pay that much for books she may or may not need, what a rip-off to get a measly $87.00 to sell the books back to the bookstore so they can over charge someone else! I'm glad Eastern and Lake Land have book rental fees now!

Jennie Skaggs said...

HI...I sell my books on I usually do the cheapest price so they sell quickly...and it is usually twice what the bookstore gives me. Crazy expensive.

Emily R. said...

The mark-up on text-books are incredible. For used books they may pay you $10 for a returned books and then turn around and sell it for $50 the next semester. Arggggggg