Happy Thursday

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Well - its almost Friday. Now that I am not paid hourly, I am never quite sure how I feel about that though. I use to LOVE Fridays. I could finally unwind and relax for the weekend. But now . . . I just keep thinking of how much money I DIDN'T make during the week and that makes me a bit sad for the weekend, ya know? Its only been a month at the new job, so I know it will get better - just now sure I can stick it out - patience is NOT a strong trait of mine. Aww - who am I kidding - its not a trait of mine at all. LOL So - change of subject - have you all been shopping for gifts this week? I went shopping on Tuesday but didn't really get too much. I need to get out there this weekend and make some major progress. I have tons of things to buy still. Honestly - I am just NOT into it this year. I don't know what the problem is. On the subject of Christmas, I have a fun video to share with you all - sort of Christmas-y. I have to confess - I found it on another blog but the end of it cracked me up so I thought Id share it with you as well. Hope you have a great evening. Enjoy!


luvzenkm2 (Leea) said...

Not in the "mood" either, want to know something, have Secret Santa at work next week and have one gift out of 5..need to go to Blm this weekend want to join me for power shopping...maybe we can motivate each other...still no tree up either...yikes...

Anonymous said...

Soooo not in the mood, no shopping done yet! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Justin Timberlake vid...he's not only hot, but funlicious as well!!
Well, maybe I'll get in the mood for Christmas this weekend, Kirsten is going to force me to put up the tree (uck) and go shopping (double uck).
Well, ya later, Dottie