Finally - I have a tree!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I have put my tree up this year in phases - I started out the weekend after Thanksgiving. I had my DH bring the tree and ornaments up from the basement. I sat and looked at the box all weekend. I just couldn't bring myself to actually open the box and take anything out so I just glanced at it every time I walked past it. Then the following weekend, I took the lights out and tested them. Then a few days after that I assembled the tree. Then a few days later, I started decorating it. Today, I put a few more things on it and I am finally calling it done. It never takes me this long to put a tree up - I don't know what the problem is this year. But lets just say I am very glad its done!!! After finishing up that project, I decided to go out and do some Christmas shopping since it was my day off. I did end up with a few people crossed off my list, but I still have the really hard ones to buy for - mainly my DH. He is SOOOOO hard to buy for! It started out as a wonderful shopping day - it got up in the 50's today, and i didn't even have to wear a winter coat. But as the day went on, it got a bit colder and then started to rain. Its suppose to sleet and snow tonight. Winter is back, unfortunately. I am finding that that is the BEST part about working from home - when its cold and yucky out, I don't have to leave the house - except to take my dog out to potty. LOL Well - just wanted to get on here and share my excitement about finally getting the tree up and attempting to get into the holiday spirit! Hope you are all having a great day. Talk to you soon!


Christie said...

Your tree looks great! And it has been sleeting/freezing rain here all evening. It is on it's way to you! Sad that it was 54 degrees at 9 am and at 9pm we have ice!

Anonymous said...

Gee Kim, trying to show me up, haven't done any decorating, and already sick of Christmas lites (ug), just can't get with it. Oh well, we can only hope my mood changes.

See you soon and MERRY CHRISTMAS