What a beautiful fall day!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Today is the most beautiful fall day ever - it is sunny and suppose to get up to 72 degrees! It feels more like spring here today but I sure am not complaining about that! I am off this week so I have been taking it easy. I did some laundry and dishes this morning, cleaned up my scraproom a bit, as it is now going to become my home office as well - and did I mention it is a very tiny room? well it is but I have to make the best of things. I needed to find a place to set up a computer because I start my new job next week. Say a prayer that it all works out! I am not convinced yet. . . The whole computer issue has been quite a mess. First, I was told I would be given my computer that I used at the hospital. Well . . . the hospital decided to "build" me one. Why I couldn't just take the one I used - I don't know. Anyway - I went to pick it up and they gave me a COMPUTER. No monitor, no keyboard, no mouse - just the computer. Now I know the hospital is in a bit of financial troubles so I didn't expect a nice new computer with a flat screen monitor or anything - but I did sort of expect an ENTIRE computer. My mistake there. LOL I bring the computer home, hook it up, get my wireless internet adapter installed and hooked up and guess what? No internet. Now I am thinking this will most definitely be a big problem come next week, because I need the internet to do my training and my work!!! I then go to call the phone number for support from the new company and what do they tell me? That I need to call Geek Squad or someone to help me. Oh brother. I shipped off an email to my boss today and she sent it to another gal who emailed me and said to contact my ISP. I feel I am getting nowhere fast here. So anyway - hopefully next week I will have a computer that actually runs with the proper programs on it!!! If not- guess I might just have another few days of vacation! LOL On a brighter note, since I am off this week, I have made plans to go visit a very good friend of mine. She moved away a few years ago (about 3 hours from here) and I still miss her so much! She and I were such good friends and now I feel I never get to talk to her or see her. I have never visited her home yet and since I have a few days to myself, I have plans to go see her! I plan to bring my camera so I will post some pics after tomorrow! Oh . . . and she is "sort of" (meaning an hour away) close to Archivers. So I may just have to make a little detour and check out the new Slice. I really want to see that thing in action. It looks so cool! Well - thats all for now. Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday. Talk to you soon!


Christie said...

It was a gorgeous day here! I wish it would stay this way all winter!Good Luck getting your computer up and running.
Have fun visiting your friend (and Archivers ; ) !!!!