Hi, all

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I hope you are all having a great week. Mine is going fast which is always a good thing work-wise. My time at my current job is coming to an end quickly. Halloween is my last day there. I have such mixed feelings about the whole thing. I have been there for a long time. I worked 7 years in pediatrics then quit for a year and came back to work in the cath lab for 7 more years. What is it about the number 7? I always thought that was a lucky number for me! Anyway -it is hard to leave a place where you have so much history. I will miss so many people there but there are also plenty of things I won't miss. I am faxing my things into the new company tomorrow - then they are suppose to get my computer set up and start training me for my new adventure - working from home as a MT. I'm not sure this will work out - I need a salary comparable or more than what I have now - and I will get paid for what I do , and that will depend on what work is available for me. I guess I won't know if it will work out unless I try it and since I have nothing else in the works, this is the best solution I have right now! I'd appreciate any prayers that all goes well! My DH and I have been going over our finances lately - I guess the thought of losing a job makes one evaluate bills and things. Well - after doing this, we became very depressed about the current situation. With one in college and one going to college in a few short years - this all adds up big time. And since I am a born worrier - this has not been the best time for me - but I am trying VERY hard to look on the bright side of things and hope for the best! Wow . . . . . what a depressing post! Sorry about that! I guess this has all been weighing on me lately and I just needed to get it all out. If you have read down to this point - I am very impressed! LOL OK - lets change to a happier subject! It is the final week of my Oh Shoot! photography class with Candice Stringham. I have absolutely loved this class! Candice really is the best. I love how she teaches and she has been there throughout the entire 6 weeks answering all my questions and commenting on all my photos - and this has all been so great in helping me learn how to take better photos. Now I still have lots more to learn, but I am finally getting a good foundation. I have taken other photog. classes and have not "gotten it" , ya know? I never could understand why my manual pictures were completely black or completely white, or what aperture or shutter speeds were. I never knew what the numbers on a lens meant before this class. I actually knew very little about my camera except that I always put it on auto or on the P mode because I knew that way the camera would do most of the thinking for me. LOL But now I actually know how to put it in manual and get the exposure set right - and I know how to choose what setting according to what type of picture I want to take. This is all very big news for me!!! So we have had an assignment each week, and I am going to share my photo from last week, which was an assignment on taking low light photos without flash. I took several pics of my dog (of course! - the poor thing is starting to catch on and look away when she sees me with my camera!). I also took some pics of other things around the house but this one was my very favorite - maybe because it is of my favorite drink. You're going to want to grab a cold drink when you see it (lol) : Have a great day!


candice stringham said...

Hi! I'm so sorry about your job! I hope that it all works out for the best and that you really enjoy this new adventure. I'm a worrier too so I understand what you are going through.
You are doing so awesome in the class and I really enjoy your questions because I can tell that you are really trying to learn and that you are thinking everything through! Great photograph!

Latrice said...

Hey Steph!! We haven't talked in a very long time!! Hoe was CKC kansas city? So jealous!! I wanted to invite you to my Etsy shop opening. I've made some super cute embellishments. Check it out on my latest blog post. It's linked there too!!

Talk to you soon.

Christie said...

Great pic! You are going to have to give me lessons!
Sorry about your job. At least you know what is going to happen now. I think the not knowing is worse. Good Luck with your new adventure! And I hope you get Christmas off! ;)