Lunch Gang!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Today I had lunch with my "lunch gang"! It is a group of friends that work where I do - we use to all go to lunch at least once a week together, but then one of them moved to a new dept. and couldn't go anymore, and then another one can't go much with us anymore either so now it is usually just the two of us going to lunch with another gal from another department. I know - I just confused everyone. LOL Anyway - the reason I am explaining this is because since the four of us can't do lunch together anymore, we have decided to go out once a month on a weekend and do lunch! Its so fun because the four of us get along really really well and we just sit, talk, laugh and have a great time together! Today I actually had my camera with me because I am attempting to do the Ali E.'s "a look at your week" thing (not sure what it is called!) where you document everything you do in a week and then create an album based on your photos and stories. So today I brought my camera and snapped a few photos of some of the things I did throughout the day. Here is a picture of the 4 of us at O'Charleys!
I love going to O'Charleys - the rolls are to die for!!! Other things on todays agenda: I'm working in my PSE5 program trying to learn more cool things I can do with photos. I used the Smart Curve filter on this photo, which was recommended by Noel. She always has fabulous photos so I figure anything she recommends is well worth checking out!
Well- I am off to learn more stuff! Hope you are all having a fabulous Saturday! Talk to you soon!


luvzenkm2 (Leea) said...

too funny, I was going to email you and see if you wanted to meet next weekend so shopping could be a part of my Ali book...