Wish me luck!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I interviewed for a position at the hospital where I work today. The boss seemed really nice and laid back - which I like, and the position seemed interesting, so keep your fingers crossed that I am offered the job! He said he had a couple of more applicants to interview, so who knows. Someone with 100 years in the place might have applied and would get it with more seniority - but then again - maybe not. LOL I have not heard when my official last day is in my current job, but I know it will come eventually, so I have to keep my eyes out to all possibilities. After all, we have college to pay for now!

On the home front, life has been good. I am thoroughly enjoying my summer. It would be much nicer if I had a nice grand vacation planned but with no money AND no vacation time at work, thats not likely to happen. It is just good to enjoy the warm weather and longer days though, so I can't complain.

I hope you are all having a great week. Tomorrow is FRIDAY - my absolutely favorite day of the week (at least when I get off work it is!!!). I will leave you with a photo of my latest LO. This one is of my dog (surprise! LOL). You can't see the picture too well of her, but we were in Chicago and almost right across the street from our hotel was a dog place that offered dog walking and photography. I just HAD to take her picture in front of it, as she was looking in the window at a picture of a dog. I photoshopped her leash out of the picture - hehe - oh - and I also had to photoshop myself out of the window. That was a challenge for sure!
Talk to you soon!