Another one has arrived!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Here is another puzzle piece to share with you! This one is from Nikki (Scrap-Yak) in Missouri! Isn't it cute!!! I just love the puzzle pieces she used for her name - and all the stickles on it - I LOVE stickles! What girl doesn't like a little sparkle?!? Nikki told me she was really excited about doing a puzzle piece and she did a great job on it! I met Nikki in April at CKC-St. Louis. We had dinner along with Latrice and Christie, and had a great time chatting! I hope to get together with her again sometime - she is such a sweet girl - and she loves dogs - so you KNOW she has to be a good person! ; )


scrapyak said...

I'm so glad you liked it! And it's so much fun to see everyones work!! AND, to be in such great "SCRAPBOOKING" company!!! (I'm such a huge fun of Noel's work too!) I really thought she'd win HOF this year! -She should have! Anyway, I look forward to seeing it all put together! Have a great weekend. Nikki Sivils