Beautiful Day! (NOT!)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

It has been freezing rain all evening, last night and now this morning too. This is a picture of the tree in our front yard - all iced over. Even though I am hating this weather, as I really wanted to go out and finish up some Christmas shopping, I do think the ice is pretty on the tree!
Speaking of Christmas shopping, how are you all doing? Are you done? Almost done? Not me! I still have the hardest ones to buy for - including my DH. He already HAS everything - so what is left to buy??? And - funny thing - when I go out shopping, I end up buying stuff for me. But - shhhhh - don't tell anyone that! (after all - one can never have too many scrapbooking supplies, right?)


Samantha said...

I always buy stuff for myself when I go out shopping! It's my motivation to continue on :) I have most of my presents done and ready to be shipped off. It's going to be an expensive day at the Post Office!!

Christie said...

That has always been my philosophy when Christmas shopping: One for you, one for me! LOL!
The weather is horrid here too. So much ice! Yuck, I hate it.