Hey all!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was pretty good. Friday night a good friend of mine and I went to the fair. I always go just to eat the food. LOL I had a ribeye sandwich and mini doughnuts! I took pictures of this year's butter cow - every year someone sculpts a cow out of butter. This year its suppose to be Abe Lincoln as a young boy reading, and then of course, the cow. Its one of those things at the fair that we always have to look at even though usually its the same as last year. LOL

Saturday I didn't do much of anything. I had planned on scrapbooking but for some reason that didn't happen. :( It was nice though to be able to do absolutely nothing if I wanted to!

Today, we took some things to my daughter for her dorm. She starts school tomorrow. We ran to Wal Mart to get her an extension cord for her microwave and fridge and guess what? They were completely sold out of extension cords. Apparently every other student at the college needed one too. haha So I guess I will be mailing her one this week! Once we got home I was so tired and didn't feel much like making dinner so I just made pancakes. Its kind of nice having breakfast for dinner sometimes! Right after dinner, I took my dog out for her evening duties. She is notorious for not getting along with other dogs. She is wonderful with people but for some reason there are very few dogs she actually likes. I was talking to a couple of my neighbors, not really paying attention to Lexi brecause all 3 of the dogs (my two neighbors' dogs and Lexi) were actually getting along for a change - then all of a sudden I hear a loud commotoin and Lexi and the dog across the street are fighting! I tried to snatch her up and next thing I know her leash is around my neighbor Kim about 3 times, and the dogs are still fighting. She took her dog, Tippy's leash off of her to set her free, and then we both unwound Kim from the leash and checked out dogs. What a mess it was! Once we came inside, Lexi was breathing so hard - I think it actually scared her. This has happened twice with her and this dog. Usually I am so busy yapping with the neighbors that I don't see what happens until they are in the fight! I know one thing - I really should have taken her to preschool so she would have learned how to play with others because apparently thats one thing she did not learn as a puppy!!!

Well, its almost my bedtime, so I'll leave you with some pictures, because as you all know, I love taking them! Have a great week and I'll talk to you soon!


My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Kim!

We didn't make the fair this year, Kevin usually tries to hit some of the count fairs and tractor pulls, I try to stay away, too hard to walk in all the crowds.

Hope you had an excellent time. And that Heather has a great year!

Dottie :)