Vacation woes.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Well - after all the discussion about planning a family trip, my DH says he can not go on a vacation until fall - and maybe not even then. :( They are putting in a new computer system at his job and he is on the committee so he can't miss work while they are doing all of this. Can you believe it? It was so hard to try to find a time when we could all go . . . with school, and everything else. My DD is taking 2 classes this summer at the community college and they start early June and go through July, then she goes back to school mid August. My DS starts school mid August as well . . . and they never seem to have any vacations at the same time with both schools - except at Christmas. So finding a time was going to be tricky but still - I am so bummed - I feel like I NEED a vacation so badly and was sooooo looking forward to going somewhere just to relax and, of course, take pics with my new camera of DIFFERENT surroundings. LOL I told him maybe I will just go on vacation all by myself. Won't that be fun? haha

So what is everyone up to this weekend? It is raining here today - AGAIN. Plus there are tornado warnings out all over the place right now. I am really hoping it doesn't hit anywhere near here! I am also really hoping it clears up for the weekend! Tomorrow I am going to meet my nephews new baby, Aaden! He was born March 23 and we have not met him yet. He lives in St. Louis. They are bringing him here to meet everyone and I can't wait! I love babies! Other than that, not much else is going on. I am suppose to take some head shots this weekend for my class - but I still have to find a "model". I don't think the dog would count for this one. LOL

Well - I am off to find something fun to do on this Friday night! Talk to everyone soon!


luvzenkm2 (Leea) said...

So agree I too need a vacation ! I have not been on one since 2001! Is that not sad..I get out June 5 and go back August 19th (about the week before if I do not quit ;) ) so let me know I am game !!