A girl named Kim - LOL

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I thought I would post one more time today to explain why I appear to be two different people. LOL You see, when I was born, a month premature, I weighed 3 lb 10 oz. My mom named me Stephanie Kim (she picked Kim because my aunt - her sister - had a baby named Kim that died). Well - my grandma (my dad's mom) - who was never the warm fuzzy type, and definitely said what she thought and when she thought it, told my mom that Stephanie was much too big of a name for such a little baby - and she refused to call me Stephanie. Apparently what she said went, because I have been called Kim my whole life by my entire family. In fact I use to be called Kim by all my friends. That is, until I turned 12. Thats when we moved to Springfield, and I decided I wanted to be called Stephanie because it seemed more grown up to me. LOL Plus since I didn't know anyone when I moved, it was the perfect chance to change my name, so to speak. From that day forward, all of my friends have called me Stephanie - but my family still calls me Kim. It can be quite confusing if you don't know the story - so there it is - the story of a girl named Kim.

Have a great day!

Steph - aka Kim


Christie said...

Okay! Thanks for the explanation. Makes perfect sense Kim!

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Uh-Oh...am I in trouble? Did I give away cherished family secrets?


I always thought Kim was such a cute name...I couldn't figure out my some people called you Steph...until Kevin told me it was really your name, but by that time, you were already Kim to me.

Do you still love me?


Dottie :)

sssalad said...

Yep - I still love ya Dottie! Christie was just a bit confused - as everyone is when they see me called two different names! LOL