Just a quick LO to share . . .

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I did this LO of my DD when she was little. She had a very short soccer career - she was more interested in picking weeds, daydreaming, and doing cartwheels than she was in playing soccer. LOL TFL!

ETA: The pictures were all taken by a photographer during each season. In the middle picture she has a black eye which we covered up with makeup as best we could! LOL One of my neighbors was going to kick a soccer ball to his daughter, when my daughter was going to pick it up at the same time. It was a complete accident, but my neighbor accidentally kicked her in the eye with his wing-tipped shoes. Luckily my eye doctor had a son on the team also and had us put a butterfly bandage on it and ice it!


Christie said...

Your layout is adorable! I really like the line thru the circle over the Soccer person. Too Cute! And your daughter is so sweet and cute!

My Blog 2.0 said...

Kris tried soccer too, it was a total disaster, all he cared about was going to the park where games where played and distracting the whole team to play on the swings. LOL
He hated the whole have to kick the ball down the field thing.