A new look!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I have been surfing the net today looking for a new background for my blog. I usually make one up myself, but this site has such cute ones and all the work is already done for me, so I couldn't resist! Have you all had a fabulous Tuesday? I have! As usual I had my normal Tues. morning of running errands. I use my debit card constantly, and I recently got a letter that my card number may have been "compromised" again (this is the second time this has happened in a little over a year!). So I got the new card in the mail yesterday and today I went to the bank to set my PIN number. I felt so lost without my debit card! I really rely on that thing way too much. I use it everywhere I go it seems. After that it was off to the secretary of state to get a license plate sticker for my DH's car. Of course, I had to run into Joann Fabrics and Michaels because after all, I was out! LOL I did end up getting a cute little punch at Michaels and some cardstock at Joanns. I was good though and only spent $20! I think thats a record for me . . . anyway - after that I was pretty darn hungry so I ran to Taco Gringo. I love their sanchos and I hardly ever get to go there. Lucky me it is right down the street from the sec. of state! After that it was off to the grocery store for a couple of things and then to the vet for more dog food. I saw the cutest little yorkie in there. I often think I should work at a vet - I could see cute little dogs all day long! Plus they wear the cutest scrubs with puppies on them. : ) My DH did the taxes the other night and we are actually getting some money back. So . . . I asked if we could please put some back for a little mini vacation. He reluctantly agreed and now comes the decision of where to go. I don't know if it will be just us two or the whole family but these days getting the whole family to do anything together is quite a chore! I am not sure flying would be an option because it might cost too much, unless we get a great deal somewhere. There are lots of places I'd like to see - North Carolina, Tennessee, Washington . . . So here comes a question for all of you . . . if you had just a little bit of money , where would you go? Any ideas that I can actually entice my kids into going to as well? And remember - they ARE teenagers that HATE to be with their parents! LOL
Anyway - hope you are all having a great day.


Christie said...

Love your new background! Isn't that website so easy to use. I need to get a new, springy background for my blog. As far as vacations go, Nashville might be fun. I've never gone but I think they have lots of cool stuff to do. And you could drive there. Or Memphis. Let me know what you guys decide!

luvzenkm2 (Leea) said...

Ooops until I read this I forgot about my sticker...expires at the end of the month... I loved Nashville and Memphis...so much to do in both.... I have not been on a vacation since 99...so not really big help..remember State Capitol is big trip these days for me..;-)

My Blog 2.0 said...

Hi Kim!!

Great to see you blogging again!!! Ha! I was getting lonely! I've been blog crazy recently. We're getting some money back too, but not enough to go on vacation, especially after we pay off Kirsten's braces! If it was me, I'd probably go to North Carolina, only because we drove through the mountains, and it was so pretty. Kids would be bored out of their minds (ours were). Tennessee is were I'd take the kids--Gatlinburg. Dollyland--need I say more? A little expensive though, the mountains were cheaper (cost-free-haha!) Better yet, just you and hubby go. Cheaper, quieter, more peaceful, and way less stress. Come by and visit my blog, like I said lonely.....(weeping).....LOL Well, go for now, but if I don't see you blogging again soon, I'LL BE BACK.



Vanessa (aka V, Nessa, oldschool) said...

LOL 20 bucks!!!
I totally hear you on that!
great to find your blog!

beth said...

Hey Stephanie!

Love the fun, bright colors of your blog! You won the LYB giveaway on my blog. Email me your address and I'll send the goodies out to you!

My Blog 2.0 said...

Hi Kim

Nominated your blog for an award, stop by and pick it up.


ConnieDawn said...

How was the sancho???? I love to go to Taco Gringo when I'm in town!!

Got the CD btw, Thanks!!