New banner

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Like my new banner? I made it with a free kit I downloaded from Shabby Princess today! (the Harvest Spice kit). The ribbon is from Michelle Coleman with Little Dreamer Designs. I love digital stuff but I find that it takes me FOREVER to pick out what I want to use - I think paper and glue is a lot easier for me to work with! Are you all having a good weekend? I spent most of today cleaning up my scraproom and re-arranging furniture in it! It is a very tiny room and now has become my office as well as my scraproom. That meant I had to find space in that tiny room for another DESK. It barely had room for one! My current desk is not a good desk for me to type on because a) it has no keyboard tray and b) I couldn't put my big old clunky monitor on it because it would probably break the glass top! (and, remember - I didn't actually get a MONITOR with my work computer - so I dug up an old one in the basement!!!) So I bought the cheapest desk I could find - $39.99 from K-Mart! It is cheap and tiny. Just what I wanted! I'd love to invest in a flat screen monitor next . . . I will add that to my list of wants. It is growing daily. LOL Besides cleaning today, I also f0und out that I won something!!! Last night my daughter and I went to the Sangamon. Co. Medical Society Holiday Boutique and I found out today I won the door prize! My neighbor gave me two tickets to it because she is a member of the society. They had all sorts of cool things for sale as well as some free food. It was a fun time, and I was super shocked that I actually won the door prize! It is a Department 56 santa! Here is a pic of it.

I think thats all I have to share with you right now - not much else is going on around here! Its sad to say that it is only 8:20 and I am already sleepy. I can't get use to this time change yet. I sure wish the time would just stay the same year round! Sweet dreams to you all! Talk to you soon!