Just a no good, horrible, bad bad day!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

OK - I had a horrible day at work. I can't say it wasn't my fault, but still, it sucks! I accidentally sent an email ABOUT someone TO that very person! The email said that the woman was apparently going to take all day to type 7 reports (we are both transcriptionists). I know it was really mean of me - but this woman is no go-getter and she does whatever she can to waste time. In the meantime, I am working my butt off to keep things afloat. I just am so tired of it. It is definitely time for a new job! Anyway - she read the email and confronted me about it - which I would have done in the same situation - and it all went downhill from there! Now things will be really really awkward for probably a very long time since I have to see this woman every single day that I am at work! I do feel bad but the email was the truth - just not meant for her to see is all. : (

Here's hoping tomorrow is MUCH BETTER!!!!! Hopefully I have learned a valuable lesson from all this - because I tell ya, I feel horrible!


Samantha said...

Oh no. I did that EXACT same thing many years ago, and it DIDN'T go over well. I felt bad for about two minutes, then realized that what I said needed to be aired out in the open. I learned a valuable lesson, too - always check who you're sending your e-mails to!!

~Sam (CKMB HappyScrappySam)

sssalad said...

Yep - I guarantee you I will be extra cautious from now on! I felt like such an idiot!!! But I feel like you - it needed to be said - just maybe in a better way. LOL