Getting ready for the holidays . . .

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Well - Thanksgiving is officially over. Now its time to get ready for the Christmas season! I am not usually a Christmas person - due to many unpleasant memories from the past - but for my children's sake, I try to get into the Christmas spirit! Yesterday I spent the ENTIRE day shopping. When I got home, my feet, legs, back, and probably the rest of my body was absolutely killing me! But I got a lot done and only have a few people left to shop for. I went to the mall and the fire alarm went off halfway through shopping - it was wild. I was right by an exit so I just walked out and waited until it went off - but some people were panicing and running out - it was crazy. I guess they like to live on the dramatic side of life. ; ) While out shopping I found the cutest pet santa hat and collar at Target. I think it was suppose to be for a cat but who cares - my dog looks darn cute in it. I put it on her for a quick picture - here she is with my DD and her BF. Of course, she quickly ripped the hat off as soon as she could. The collar didn't bother her at all, though. LOL