Saturday, October 6, 2007

Happy Saturday Morning! And thanks for checking out my new blog! I know it is a work in progress but it is coming together slowly but surely!

Got lots of fun things on tap this morning . . . going to the vet to pick up dog food, calling for an appointment to get my daughter's car fixed (for some unknown reason the lights go on and off all by themselves - maybe it is a ghost!!!), and plenty of other errands that I don't want to run! The good news is my DH is planning to golf this afternoon so I will have lots of time to do some scrapbooking. Speaking of which - CKC is coming up very quickly! I can't wait! I am very excited to meet Becky Higgins - maybe I'll get a picture with her and post it - I really enjoy looking at her work and her sketches, so meeting her will be so fun. I am signed up for her "backstage party". Plus I am totally looking forward to the vendor fair at CKC - because after all, collecting scrapbook supplies is as much fun if not more than actually using them to scrapbook! ; )

OK - off to do all my fun stuff! I'll try to post again sometime this weekend!